i met you and the ground shook; ♔

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4 July
California, United States
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2pm, adventures, amy lowell, anime, asexuality, barbara kingsolver, being socially awkward, berkeley, big bang, booker t. washington, books, brachycephalic animals, buddhism, christianity, classic rock, creative processes, creative writing, d.gray-man, dramas, drawing, education, england, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, fiction, foreign languages, glee, graphics, grey's anatomy, hakuouki, harry potter, hinduism, human nature, human rights, humanities, indie, indie fashion, ireland, islam, japan, japanese history, jyj, karneval, katamari damacy, korean entertainment, kpop, langston hughes, literature, maine coons, manga, meditation, moral issues, movies, music, native americans, nature, nature shows, nintendo, paranormal romance, photography, photoshop, poetry, pokemon, prose, reading, religion, samurai, samurai champloo, shinsengumi, shoes, slash, sleeping, smtown, steampunk, symbolism, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the beatles, the cranberries, the rolling stones, the who, the yardbirds, tvxq, videogames, writing, yankee-kun to megane-chan
\\define_user: rachel; 19; ca
\\define_likes: writing; reading; daydreaming; yelling; adventuring; listening to music; martial arts; nerding out

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